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Stories About Our Past

Explore the history, beauty, and power of African American culture when you invite JUSTUSarts into your community. Based in Chicago, Illinois, we present traditional stories in our storytelling performances as well as traditions and true tales in our cultural performances.

Children Having Fun

We Speak in Rhythm

Audience participation plays a key role in this 45-minute performance about freedom, knowledge, and the importance of staying in school. Students are encouraged to take a poignant look at the African American experience through poetry, drama, and dance as well as the fundamental role that artistic expression has played in shaping the lives of African Americans and America's cultural heritage.

Storytelling Time

Listen as traditional stories come to life through the imaginative style of our founder and director. Presentations are designed to fit the needs of your audience and can include dance, vocals, and traditional African drum.

JUSTUS Sistas'

This unique group performance demonstrates the rich heritage and experiences of African American women and celebrates their contribution to society. Audiences gain a deeper understanding of the power of literature and the women who move us.

Poetic Kwanzaa

This solo or ensemble performance is a special holiday presentation developed for educational entertainment. Ideal for community involvement exhibitions, Poetic Kwanzaa celebrates African American heritage and demonstrates a traditional activity.

Early Childhood Education

Make education fun and engaging with stories and songs. We perform nursery rhymes, fables, and fairytales to the rhythmic beat of an African drum, keeping young audiences listening and learning.

Mini Tellers