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Drama, poetry, writing, and dance all come together in the workshops offered by JUSTUSarts. Serving students, families, and teachers throughout Chicago, Illinois, we offer everything from creative writing to professional development, working with our audiences to increase self-esteem, self-image, community pride, cultural awareness, and youth development.

Word Jazz

This creative writing program helps participants uncover the music of their words by focusing on rhythm and delivery. They will develop stories, poetry, and interviews for the JUSTUS WORD newsletter as well as drama scenes for live presentation. Choose from either a one-time performance or a three-, seven-, or 12-week workshop.

Happy Workshop Participants

JUSTUSarts Ensemble

See What I'm Saying

You've done the work, so now it's time to take the stage and perform your words. See What I'm Saying gives our workshop participants the opportunity to present their materials in a public setting. It was originally developed during a Gallery 37 collaborative between the Chicago Park District and JUSTUS.

Health & Beauty

Targeted participants are introduced to a variety of guest artists who guide them through activities designed to increase self-esteem, image, and quality of life by improving their hygiene. This workshop includes HIV and AIDS awareness activities and lectures.

Professional Development Workshop

Discover new ways to get students excited about learning in this interactive, hands-on workshop. Designed for educators and parents, we work with you to develop literary arts skills and teach you how to tell stories and run activities that promote positive student engagement.

Any Event

Turn your next event into a celebration of culture and heritage. Our ensemble gladly performs for both organizations and families, participating in:

Weddings | Birthdays | Family Reunion Events | Summer Camps | Read-A-Louds